Guide to buying back loans – consumer or mortgage refinancing

Borrowing, as a loan repurchase broker, supports you in your refinancing project and provides you with as much information as possible.

Lite Lender thus provides you with a complete guide to buying back credit to help you understand this type of loan transaction. The objective of this guide is to explain to you how refinancing works, which is one of the names of buying back credit. Indeed, there are several expressions to speak of the repurchase of credit: “the regrouping of credit”, “the refinancing”, “the restructuring of debts”, etc.

By browsing our various pages, rich in information, you will be able to differentiate between a credit buyout with or without a mortgage, you will know the different types of borrowers involved in refinancing, etc. Indeed, people who request a loan repurchase can have different motivations. For example: a drop in income, a need for cash, a new project, too much debt, etc.

Why buy back credit?

Why buy back credit?

What is the repurchase of credits? Who is he talking to ? Redemption with or without mortgage? Good points for obtaining a loan buy-back Refinancing: find financial peace of mind Buy back credit for a real estate purchase

Credit repurchase: from the comparison to the signing of the loan offer

Credit repurchase: from the comparison to the signing of the loan offer

Once explained the different aspects of the operation, you can deepen your project by specifying its aspects: do you want to buy several consumer loans? Do you have a mortgage to integrate into the operation? We will answer all your questions in this guide.

Then, you will be able to learn about the different stages of a credit buyback operation. Once your project is well defined, you can make a credit buyback simulation in order to better understand this subject thanks to the different free credit buyback simulators that we put at your disposal.

You can then compare the credit buy-back offers of our partners, using our comparison engine, in order to obtain the best offer on the market. There are a few things that should grab your attention. Like the borrower insurance linked to this new credit. In fact, in the case of a credit repurchase, you will have the possibility of taking out loan insurance; however, this is optional. Our guide details the different stages in the preparation of the credit buyback file and lists the supporting documents that you will have to present to the lending institution.

Laws protect borrowers, especially to avoid over-indebtedness; we come back to your rights and to the elements necessarily present in a credit consolidation offer.


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