Credit without prepayment

The loan in difficult cases is sought like never before. But be careful, not only dubious providers act as credit intermediaries. The loan without prepayment is a matter of course for every bank and for serious credit intermediaries. Prepayment, usually declared as preliminary costs, only requires companies that unscrupulously “rip off” their customers. This behavior has nothing to do with serious business conduct.

The loan without prepayment is always a matter of course

The loan without prepayment is always a matter of course

Anyone can get into financial difficulties. Even a little something, a late payment at the mail order company, for example, can result in a negative Credit Bureau entry. The life of the person affected changes suddenly. A cell phone contract can no longer be concluded. Even with small online orders, the invoice is suddenly no longer delivered. Many of those affected are only now realizing how important it is to keep your good name in modern life.

The situation becomes desperate when credit needs suddenly arise. For example, youngsters are announcing themselves or other major expenses are necessary. A credit without prepayment, as before the entry, is no longer available from a German bank. A quick change in the situation is also not expected. The negative Credit Bureau entry will be a knock-out reason for every loan application in the coming years. It cannot be deleted by the debtor even after it has been settled. The only possible alternative is to offer foreign loans. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the borrower to obtain a Swiss loan without the help of a credit intermediary. In most cases, the search for credit ends with a credit intermediary.

Reputable credit brokers only receive a success fee

Reputable credit brokers only receive a success fee

The credit brokerage industry in particular is still struggling with black sheep. Credit sharks rigorously exploit the plight of the loan seeker. With the most adventurous reasons, prepayment is required. At first it is a small amount, but a short time later you will be asked to pay again. If the loan seeker does not pay, the pressure on him is increased. Without advance payment, he is informed that the attempts to broker credit would have to be stopped. Some people always pay out of necessity. The result for payer and non-payer is practically always the same. – A loan could not be arranged.

The entire industry is suffering from these negative excesses. Even long-standing companies have been distrustful of customers. It is not easy to differentiate clearly as a company from dubious providers. But there is a golden rule for it: Serious credit brokers only offer credit without prepayment! The agency fees are only payable if the loan is successfully brokered. So that these costs remain affordable for the borrower, they are included in the total loan amount.

The industry’s good advice is therefore: steer clear of providers who require prepayment or upfront costs. The credit without prepayment is a matter of course for reputable credit intermediaries.


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