How to make the best car purchase

Buying a car is, for most, one of the biggest expenses in life besides buying a home. It is more cost than the car purchase itself to keep track of.

Insurance, fuel, repairs, the list can be made far above the extra costs that you as a prospective car owner should be aware of. Be smart and read a little about buying a car before you hit.

New or used


Of course, it is a special feeling to pick up the new car of that Spril, which nobody more than you got to drive. In addition to the experience itself, there are also significant benefits to buying a brand new car. The insurance on a new car is cheaper and the repair costs are reasonably lower. As a new car owner, you also have a warranty that lasts for several years, should something be wrong with the car. A new car generally has a higher standard, with new materials and better technology.

However, the smell of a brand new car can mislead in the pursuit of the best deal. A used car that has a few years on its neck has already lost much of the value and is therefore cheaper. In general, it is said that a car that is 3 years old is the best car purchase. Of course, the uncertainty is greater with a used car, it is difficult to calculate what future repair costs will come.

We recommend that you choose a safe car of a famous brand. Also make sure that the car model in question has a good secondary value and a good rust protection. Whether you choose a brand new or a used car, buying a car is a great investment. It is important that it gets right and that you make a good car purchase. Therefore, read carefully about the car and the car model before deciding.

Buy the car abroad?


Larger range, lower prices and more models to choose from. Of course, it is tempting for many car buyers to go outside Sweden to buy a car. However, it can be a complicated story. You who are thinking of doing a car deal outside Sweden’s borders should really know what you are getting into.

You should have great car knowledge and also done thorough research. Keep in mind that it is in principle impossible to advertise a car purchased abroad. To buy a car abroad we only recommend to people with a lot of time and knowledge.

Car Dealer or Private

Do you dare to buy a car privately from, for example, the Block? In general, the answer is yes. However, buying a car from a private individual requires thorough checks of the vehicle. It takes a lot of car knowledge to buy used cars. If you do not possess the knowledge yourself, it is wise to bring a car-knowledgeable friend. Read the service book, check the condition carefully, look for how many miles the car has gone and check how the tires look. Also check how many owners the car had (the Swedish Transport Agency has information) and that the seller in question really owns the car. Don’t forget to ask for both summer and winter tires. Finish the deal by writing a purchase contract, templates can be found online.

If you want to be a little more on the safe side when buying a used car, you can seek out an MRF affiliated car dealer. There are many benefits to buying from an authorized car dealer, although it can be more expensive than buying privately. The car is generally reconditioned and well reviewed, you normally do not have the risk of being cheated. Dare to bargain down the price.

Count on total cost


If you are buying a used car, it is important to do research on price levels well in advance. It is easy to find such information online. Even if the car purchase itself is the biggest expense, you should also keep track of the running costs that the purchase entails. What is the fuel consumption for the car and how much do you expect to drive it? Check what an insurance costs, compare different insurance companies as it can differ greatly. What is the tax on? Check how long it is left for crucial parts of the car to be replaced or when repair needs normally arise for the car model. What does the value reduction look like for this car model? If you are driving in big cities, you should also consider the cost of car duties.

When you have completed the purchase, the investment is complete but now you should take good care of the car. Nurture and service it continuously with the idea that it will be resold sometime in the future. For example, it may be more difficult to sell a car that is smoked and neglected, or that has not been serviced in a proper workshop. Treat external damage like rust immediately so it doesn’t get worse.

Should you finance the car purchase with a loan? Then make sure to compare properly, as it can differ greatly between different lenders. Good Finance has a handy comparison tool on his website, you just need to fill in the application and you get a loan offer from a number of lenders.